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Girl Scout Stereotypes Redefined

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Schrewsbury, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Walking home from school during my senior, I aw my neighbor's dog running loose in the neighborhood. I chased her for a good 20 minutes before I caught her and walked her home
Why are you participating?: 

I wanted to show that I have labels, but they don't define me and no one else can say what I am


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I've been a Girl Scout since I was five, and it helped shape who I am today. So, when a group of first graders wanted to start a troop and couldn't find a leader, my mom, sister, and I decided to form a Girl Scout troop for these girls. We were their leaders for 5 years, until I graduated high school. In that time, I watched my little first graders grow into thoughtful and caring girls, and was able to provide a positive role model for them. Oftentimes, there is a stigma that comes with being a Girl Scout, and I wanted to show them that it doesn't matter how others view you, as long as you are doing something you love.


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