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Animal Lover Stereotypes Redefined

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Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I run a non profit called central ma kibble kitchen inc., I deliver pet food weekly out of the back of my vehicle to people that are struggling to feed their pets. I am always at the Mustard Seed at 93 Pedimont Street on Wed., between 4-5 pm, I have a physical location at the WARL located at 139 Holden St., in Worcester. Pets are my passion. I also deliver clothes, sleeping bags, and personal care items to the people that visit the Mustard Seed on a weekly basis. I feed and take care of several feral cats in my neighborhood, I set up winter boxes for them and make sure they are fed and healthy. I am always looking for good quality used clothing (seasonal) and items to help people and pets in need.
Why are you participating?: 

interesting project and Nora told me I should!!! LOL


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I rescue animals and give them a good home and love they deserve. I use humor to keep things light. I encourage the young to follow politics and get involved to make positive changes.
Why are you participating?: 

Labels can be life limiting or as this project demonstrates, a positive force. Hopefully for those who view this they will tweak their way of judging others and realize we are all the same and need each other to function successfully.


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