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Daughter Stereotypes Redefined

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Providence, RI
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
As street artists, sometimes the best gift we have to give is listening, since we do not speak. Sometimes, we appear hard-lined because we cannot allow you to touch us and invade our space (we are people, too... please remember that), but when someone approaches us and clearly needs to be heard, we will listen. One such woman approached me one evening in Providence, extended her hand, and I took it. We consented to hug each other, and she let me know how much she appreciated our exchange. There were tears in her eyes. I do not know what she was going through, but I hope she walked away feeling better. Mental health awareness is very important to Silent Soapbox, as are causes pertaining to children in the foster care and adoption systems. Please contact us for volunteer performance opportunities at these types of events.
Why are you participating?: 

Mental Health awareness; child poverty awareness.


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