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Dog Lover Stereotypes Redefined

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Dog Lover
Community Helper
Museum Worker
Fitchburg, MA
United States

I realize I rely a lot more on social media to be connected these days. I try to use that platform in my own circle not to add to the noise, but to check in with friends. I often just ask, how are you? Friends from all over share how they are passing their COVID days – the good, the bad, and the challenging. It’s made me realize that we all need to be asked that question, but also heard when we answer. And then we see we are all in this, figuring it out day by day.

How are you?


Cat Lover
Cat Rescuer
Dog Lover
Salem, MA
United States

Help senior neighbors take out trash
Landscape front of house gardens for neighbors
Support local businesses
Wearing masks
Give money too the homeless guy with the dog at cvs

Vote in November for change


Dog Lover
Mac & Cheese Lover
Boston, MA
United States

Staying at home watching Netflix, making art, reading & giving away things like food & supplies.


Dog Lover
Sports Fan
Comedy Lover
Canton, MA
United States

I’ve been staying home and wearing my mask when I go on walks.


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