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No Evil Project - Show that people aren't defined by their labels.

Conversation Series Application

We're currently forming groups and we'll try to get everyone in as space allows. If you're interested in participating in a series, let us know!

We will be meeting once a week for five weeks (Currently Online Only). Help us learn when would be some good times.
Tell Us a Little About Yourself
We want to get a variety of people in our groups to make things interesting. Please answer these questions with labels that apply to you that you feel comfortable sharing with the group.
Labels such as Female, Male, Gay, Straight, Transgender, Bisexual, Agender
Labels such as Alcoholic, Autistic, Blind, Cancer Patient, Deaf, Depressive, Disabled, Stroke Survivor
Things you do professional, semi-professionally, or just for fun.
Labels such as Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, Immigrant, New Yorker
Labels such as Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, Anarchist, Socialist
Labels such as Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Feminist, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan
Labels such as Homeless, Poor, Middle-class, Rich
What are some topics that you specialize in or are passionate about that you would be interested in teaching the group about?

Why you should participate

TEDx North High School

Why do people participate?