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No Evil Project - Show that people aren't defined by their labels.

How to Help

Working on this project has been amazingly rewarding, but as it continues to grow, it's impossible to do it all ourselves.  If you believe in the mission of the project, we can always use help, from just telling your friends to helping with events to donating professional services to the cause.

Items on my current to do / wish list:

  • Sponsor a High School Photo Shoot. Photographing high school students has been very rewarding, but it takes a lot of time and they don't have a budget. Want to sponsor a high school? Let us know!
  • Create a viral video about the project.  I have no video skills, but if you do I want to hear from you!
  • Get a celebrity to participate in the project. Know a friend of a friend that's famous? Tell them about this!
  • Find a new home for the first exhibit that was at the Hanover Theatre (some place with a 25' x 19.5' wall).
  • Encourage your company, organization, college, or school to host an event or exhibit to help spread the word and support our free public events.

If you have an idea, definitely don't hesitate to e-mail us , the project keeps growing in new and interesting ways.

Other Ways to Help

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