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Transgender Stereotypes Redefined

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Charlton, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I've dedicated my adult life to advocacy and activism on a municipal and state level. Schools, libraries, and art councils contribute so much to our shared society and I simply want to do my part in contributing back to them in the best way that I know how—through my time and my energy. I do these things because I wish to live a life in which I can say that I've genuinely tried to make my community a stronger and more inclusive place for people like me.
Why are you participating?: 

I'm participating because I firmly believe that labels are so incredibly important to who we are as individuals. They can be useful tools that help to give us a sense of community and purpose when we feel lost or isolated.


Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I do my best to be out and proud and try my best to be hyper-aware of my actions and how they affect the people around me. Before transitioning I identified as a queer female and was quite invisible in society. I had to raise my voice to be heard and I had to fight to make sure that my accomplishments were not overlooked by my male counterparts. Now I identify as a white male and society sees me that way. Now I am seen, I am heard. But I remember how it felt to be invisible and remind myself everyday of the women and minorities who are still invisible in this white-male dominated world. They should be seen/heard too. I ask myself how can I help them be heard? How can I be sure that I am not dominating the space? The answer is to listen. To pause when I hear a voice that is trying to be heard, to hold space so that person can speak. Sometimes it can be difficult to shut my mouth, but it is important that I do because my core value is to treat others in the way that I want to be treated.
Why are you participating?: 

I participate because this project is a great concept and has the potential to spread good messages to people. I like to participate every year because I'm constantly evolving/changing and want to reflect that.


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