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Catholic Stereotypes Redefined

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After receiving the Eucharist, I encountered a blind beggar on the streets of Madrid. I took her hand and told her "God bless you" in Spanish. The simple yet compassionate gesture struck a chord in both her and my own heart. Our socioeconomic barriers were breached and it was as if she was looking right at me. I was moved to tears as I departed, realizing it was not I who took her hand. Also, there was a classmate of mine this past year who was labeled as narcissistic and bitter by many of my peers. This past summer I asked him to hang out with some of my friends doing lighthearted pranks and hanging out around town. At the end of summer, he sent me a message thanking me for opening up to him when no one else would.
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One step closer to world peace and the universal realization that "we're all just one big family."


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