Close Your Eyes / Cierren los ojos: a Uni2ACT Play
No Evil Project - Show that people aren't defined by their labels.

Close Your Eyes / Cierren los ojos: a Uni2ACT Play

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
College of the Holy Cross
Kimball Hall, Francis Xavier Seelos Theatre
1 College Street
Worcester, MA 01610
United States

We've teamed up with Uni2ACT to expand the Project to the performing arts!

Cierren los ojos, or Close Your Eyes is an original work written by the student-actors of Uni2ACT, the College of the Holy Cross’s bilingual theater troupe. Inspired by both the No Evil Project and current events on campus and in the world, this play intertwines the stories of young people who are trying to make their way in a world that keeps changing the rules. Looking at the complicated issues that relate to the #metoo movement (sexual assault and harassment), racism and LGBTQIA+ awareness specifically, Cierren los ojos challenges its audience to demand a world based on empathy and respect.

Following the performance will be a Q & A to discuss and process the complex and timely issues addressed in the play.

Q & A Moderators

  • Prof. Ellen Lokos
  • Prof. Helen Freear-Papio
  • Dean Amit Taneja, Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Chief  Diversity Officer
  • Troy B. Thompson, Creator, Executive Director of the No Evil Project
  • The Uni2ACTORS


  • Katherine Santoro, ‘19 Student Executive Director of Uni2ACT
  • Aitor Buoso Gavin, Foreign Language Assistant
  • Rebecca McSweeney, ‘21
  • Teresa Murphy, ‘19
  • Sadie O’Connor, ‘22
  • Alexis DeLucia, ‘20
  • Gillary García, ‘20
  • Grace Burke, ‘21
  • Isabella Lanna, ’22
  • Jake Mozeleski, ‘22
  • Jaqueline Álvarez, ‘20
  • Leif Johnson, ‘21
  • Jessica Lucero, ‘20
  • Maressa Park, ‘22
  • William Antony '22

About Uni2ACT

Uni2Act was founded as an intersectional space to respect and share the diverse stories of all students, especially those of Spanish-speaking communities and their experiences. By writing, producing, and performing original works, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, we aim to convey urgent messages of love, resilience, and change. We also seek to promote self-discovery, empathy, confidence, and hope. Therefore, any incidents of hate are the antithesis of our mission and who we strive to be at Holy Cross and beyond. We know you join us in our commitment to building a respectful and inclusive campus community.

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