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Animal Lover Stereotypes Redefined

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Douglas, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
As a young boy years ago my neighbors used to have litters of cats and puppies. I used to go over to their house everyday and help the litters grow. Everyday for a year I would play with them, feed them, potty train them, and protect them while they sleep. Now they are living in a loving environment in which they deserve.


Marlboro, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I enjoy sending people cards and hand written letters. For any occasion, from thank you cards to "wish you were here" postcards but my favorites are just to say hello. To simply let someone know that they crossed my mind and to put a smile on their face! :)
Why are you participating?: 

This project is beautiful. Everyone is on this search on a different mission but all need the same basic needs like love and understanding. This project shows us that we can relate to anyone if we just look past the surface.


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