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Science Fantasy Lover Stereotypes Redefined

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Spencer, MA
United States

During this pandemic I, like many people, have struggled with loneliness, anxiety, and burnout. And because of that, I was drawn to the book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski. Wanting to talk about it with someone, I first bought a copy for my best friend from high school who lives in Central New York, and that kickstarted our weekly Saturday phone call. I then recommended it to a friend on a socially distant walk one day. We now keep getting together to vent and complete our stress cycle by walking. I purchased more copies of it and gave...more...

As a high school educator and a mother, I have learned to look at people differently. This pandemic has taught me to. The people we think we are, the people others think we are- we may all be wrong. Just be kind. You never know what people are struggling with.


Waltham, MA
United States
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I support Operation Smile, which helps children with cleft lips and palates get needed surgery. Tolerance and peace to all!
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As a Belgian-Filipino-American, tech journalist, and gamer and genre fan, I think it's important for people to respect one another, appreciate our differences, and work toward common goals.

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