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Puerto Rican Stereotypes Redefined

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Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Community outreach worker who helps with human services in the community
Why are you participating?: 

I believe you should reach for the moon but be happy to touch a star.

Deborah L

Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Letting undocumented high school students know I support their efforts to pursue higher education as instate students.
Why are you participating?: 

Because people should know about how negative stereotypes are distortions.


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Helping teenagers suffering from depression, and being a leader for those who need a role model.
Why are you participating?: 

As a Latino, a Satanist, a male, a pagan, or even being American, I have labels. These are all labels that come with pre-judgment and would not paint me in the best image and would send fear or discrimination, or just dislike to the eyes of an on-looker.


Quincy , MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I have learned the value of knowing the English language through volunteering at a nonprofit organization teaching non-English speaking immigrants the language. I've learned that judging immigrants based on the fact that they don't know English doesn't mean they are uneducated. Many of the people I have worked with our professionals in their country and are the bravest and strongest people I have ever met!


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