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Privileged Stereotypes Redefined

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Leominster, MA
United States
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In my life and as a sustainability and energy manager, I work to reduce the impact we have on the environment so I can leave to my future children a legacy and planet they can be proud of.
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I am continually saddened by the hate, discrimination, and judgment in the world today. While I do not see my see myself a religious person, despite labeling myself as Jewish, I was reminded of a pray by Rabbi Kushner entitled Prayer for the World an excerpt which reads:


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
Yesterday I rode my bike past a guy walking barefoot on an overpass in the city. He was walking like his feet hurt. I thought he might have gotten robbed for his shoes so I stepped and asked if he wanted a ride anywhere. I said he could ride on my crossbar. It turned out he was just walking home and didn't need help at all. At least I know.


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