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Polyamorous Stereotypes Redefined

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Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I try to spread P.L.U.R. to everyone I meet.
Why are you participating?: 

I'm participating because people shouldn't be defined by labels or looks. Just like attempting to read a book by it's cover. You really don't know what's on the inside until you open it up. People are so much more than the stereotype.


Lunenburg, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I am an active member of the HAI community, whose mission is: The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) empowers individuals to be potent, loving, contributing human beings. HAI promotes personal growth and social evolution by replacing ignorance and fear with awareness and love.
Why are you participating?: 

This project is Unconditional Love in action.

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