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Saint Paul, MN
United States

I've continued to be a blood donor throughout the pandemic realizing the there is still the need for blood and that there are others that aren't able or don't feel safe giving during this time.


Worcester, MA
United States
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I am a secret agent for love, joy, and empowering children and families in any way that I can. I am a way-shower and cheerleader, teacher and advocate, coach and mentor, educator and perpetual student of life. I am Aunt Boo, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, actress, writer, thinker, and dreamer. After fifty-plus years of dieting and shame, I no longer diet and live in shame or fear. With more wakeups behind me than ahead, I choose to do my best to live a life focused on what truly matters. No Evil - Live On!
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I think this is a WONDERFUL project celebrating our diversity and oneness and busting stereotypes!!!
No Evil backwards is Live On!


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