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Haitian American Stereotypes Redefined

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Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I've worked with children with special needs (i.e. Autism) for over 5 years and absolutely love it!
Why are you participating?: 

There are very few minorities in my field and labels have made me work twice as hard than the typical caucasian clinician.


Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
A good deed that I have done was help my little sister with a big project she had to get done ! My sister knew that I would be a great help on making sure she gets a good grade on her project ! That's why she relied on me on helping her with the project


Holbrook, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 
I love helping people that need my help. I try everything I can just to keep my love one and friends happy no matter what the cost is. 2 years ago, I have help my high school to organized a fundraiser for Haiti after that earthquake happened.


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