Saint Anne's Episcopal Church is in the No Evil Project!
No Evil Project - Show that people aren't defined by their labels.

Saint Anne's Episcopal Church

2035 Charlton Rd.
Sunfish Lake, MN 55118
United States

Saint Anne's is a joyful, inclusive community which welcomes all without exception, and is dedicated to loving and serving our neighbors, walking with those in need, and breaking down barriers between people.

Why are you participating in the project?: 
In this time when we're all looking for ways to reach new understandings of one another, Saint Anne's was thrilled to welcome the No Evil Project, and to have the opportunity to be a part of a movement which invites us to move beyond labels and into new connections with one another. We laughed a lot, learned, a lot, and are still thinking and talking about it. Thank you, No Evil Project!


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TEDx North High School

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