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No Evil Project: Fitchburg

The People of the Fitchburg, MA
December 3rd 2018 to January 29th 2019
Fitchburg Art Museum
185 Elm Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
United States

We've been extended!  Now through January 2019!

Our first art museum exhibit will be at the Fitchburg Art Museum. It was founded in 1925 and is community focused which makes it a perfect fit for the project's message of bringing people together.

We want to do something special and since it will be in the Community Gallery, we want to have the exhibit feature the variety of people and their good deeds in the Fitchburg, MA area. There are spots for around 400 people in the exhibit, so we have lots of photos to take!

Calling all Fitchburg People!

  • Already in the project and live or work in the Fitchburg area? Let us know so we can flag your photos for the exhibit.
  • Extroverted? We'd love to have you help out at photo shoots telling people about the project. Fill out our Event Volunteer Form
  • Work at an organization or company in the Fitchburg area? Host the project at your company and find out how your group can be photographed as a team building / diversity activity for yourselves, and then they can represent the group in the museum exhibit too! Sponsorships for the exhibit are also available.
  • Having a big event or festival in the area? Invite us to have a photo booth, and we'll provide another activity for your attendees, and help you promote your event on our site and notices.
  • Know someone in Fitchburg? Hook us up!

We're having a series of photo shoots throughout the year, so you can literally be a part of the exhibit!

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