Daniel | No Evil Project: Polyamorous, Agnostic & Bisexual stereotypes redefined
No Evil Project - Show that people aren't defined by their labels.


San Antonio, TX
United States
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Taking falling anvils for laughs.

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This is a good cause, a neat idea and I am an absolute ham for having my picture taken.
On a more philosophical bent: While the dark has its necessary place in the world, it must not stand alone. We need coolness and creativity in equal measures, or else there is no reason to keep going day-to-day.
I am human, and I can be evil. In fact, I find I sometimes have to be a little nasty to survive as a creative person. However, I try not to stare into that abyss too long.

Daniel: Polyamorous, Agnostic, Bisexual - Taking falling anvils for laughs.
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